Lucent SmartFilms


Supported Video Displays

Recommended for horizontally mounted LCD/LED video displays 40″ or greater.

Use with other video displays is only recommended after insuring compatibility with a test piece.

Known Incompatible Video Displays

QuantumCloaking is not designed to work with smartphones, tablets and many apple video display products. 

Roll Width

Standard roll is 48 inches by 98 feet. Special order up to 57″ in width available (> 500 linear feet)

Film Thickness

7 mils including adhesive side liner and protective liner on outside of film

Film Chemistry

Cellulose Triacetate


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Adhesive Thickness

1.75 mils

UV Transmission

Less than 1% 

Infrared Transmission


Solar Enery - Transmitted


Solar Energy - Reflected


Solar Energy - Rejected


Solar Energy - Absorbed


Visible Light - Transmitted


Visible Light - Reflected


Visible Light - Glare Reduction


ASTM E84 Rating

Class A


Curing/Drying Time

2-4 weeks depending on environment. QuantumCloaking is designed to permit moisture to evaporate through the film. During the curing process, you can use a felt covered card to push out any remaining water.


Novus #1 Plastic Polish with a microfiber cloth. Do not use abrasives, ammonia based cleaners not recommended as they may damage the film.

Installation - 40"+ Displays

Apply film vertically to glass. 

Installation - Older LED/LCD Displays

Apply film horizontally to glass.


Can be applied to glass at 45 degrees.

Installation Surface Temperature

Not recommended at glass temperatures less than 50F or greater than 90F

Quantum Cloaking Film

This technology is particularly useful in office settings where transparency and collaboration are essential, but privacy and data security are also important considerations. It allows for an open and well-lit environment while preventing prying eyes from seeing confidential information on screens.


Quantum Cloaking Film is a specific type of architectural film designed to provide privacy for digital screens and monitors while allowing natural light to pass through. It is often used in office environments, conference rooms, and other spaces where privacy is needed during meetings or presentations without completely blocking out natural light.

Quantum Cloaking Film and similar architectural films offer a versatile solution for maintaining privacy, controlling natural light, and enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of modern workspaces. When considering their implementation, it’s essential to assess specific needs, budget constraints, and any relevant regulations to ensure a successful integration.


While Quantum Cloaking Film helps protect sensitive information from visual eavesdropping, it’s important to remember that it primarily addresses the visual aspect of privacy. For comprehensive security, other measures such as encryption, network security, and physical access controls should also be in place.


When Quantum Cloaking Film is installed  to best practices as recommended there is a 3 year warranty on the material itself. Improper installation, installation on non-glass or unsmooth surfaces is not acceptable for warranty replacement. Labor and removal and shipping are not included. Warranty claims must be presented to for warranty issues. 

Installation Time

The installation of privacy films, including Quantum Cloaking Film, can vary in duration depending on the size and complexity of the project. Discuss installation timelines with professionals to minimize disruptions to your workspace.