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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantum Cloaking Film?

1. What is Quantum Cloaking Film? Quantum Cloaking Film is a privacy window film specifically designed to obscure digital screens to outside viewers. It blocks the light emitted by LEDs and LCDs, making the content on screens invisible from outside the filmed glass.

2. How does Quantum Cloaking Film work? The film works by selectively filtering out the light wavelengths emitted by most digital screens, effectively blacking out screens to those viewing through the film-covered glass, while maintaining clear visibility of the surrounding area.


3. How is Quantum Cloaking Film installed? The film is very easy to apply. It’s installed with plain water to smooth glass surfaces. Professional installation is recommended, however because of the nature of it’s adhesive and that you can remove and replace the film, anyone with DIY skills can install it themselves.

4. Can Quantum Cloaking Film be installed on any glass? It can be installed on most clear, flat glass surfaces. However, it’s not suitable for textured or frosted glass as it may not adhere properly and could affect cloaking effectiveness.


5. On what devices does Quantum Cloaking Film work? It is effective on most modern LED and LCD screens, including computer monitors, laptops, and some TVs. However, it may not work on older screen technologies or non-LED backlit displays. It is suggested to obtain a sample piece to ensure compatibility before installing.

6. What are the limitations of Quantum Cloaking Film? The film only blocks visibility from specific angles and is designed to cloak standard digital displays. It will not cloak people, physical documents, or other non-digital content. Please obtain a sample piece from us to ensure compatibility with your device and installation environment.

Benefits and Features

7. What are the benefits of using Quantum Cloaking Film? The primary benefit is the enhanced privacy it offers, protecting sensitive information displayed on digital screens from outside viewers. It is ideal for high-security areas, confidential meetings, and any workspace where privacy is a concern.

8. Does Quantum Cloaking Film reduce glare or offer UV protection? While its primary function is to cloak digital screens, it also offers UV protection by blocking out harmful UV rays and can help in reducing glare to some extent.

Maintenance and Care

9. How do you clean Quantum Cloaking Film? It can be cleaned with most non-abrasive cleaning solutions. Avoid harsh chemicals and scrubbing tools that could scratch or damage the film. We recommend a soft cloth and Novus #1 Plastic Polish. It will keep your film looking beautiful for years.

10. How durable is Quantum Cloaking Film? When properly maintained, Quantum Cloaking Film is very durable and can last several years without needing replacement. It is resistant to scratches and fading under normal conditions.

Cost and Availability

11. How much does Quantum Cloaking Film cost? The cost varies depending on the size of the glass surface and installation requirements. It is generally sold per square foot/linear foot.

12. Where can I buy Quantum Cloaking Film? Quantum Cloaking Film is available through authorized distributors as well as directly from Quantum Cloaking and Lucent Smart Films. Contact us for more information or to order.

Support and Warranty

13. What kind of warranty comes with Quantum Cloaking Film? Typically, Quantum Cloaking Film comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

14. Where can I get support for Quantum Cloaking Film? Contact us by email