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Quantum Cloaking Film

Finally an installer friendly cloaking film.


Welcome to a Cloaking Film Revolution


Our innovative Quantum Cloaking Film ensures data privacy by blocking the visibility of digital screens from outside, while maintaining a transparent visual experience. Unlike other cloaking films, ours is user-friendly, moisture-resistant, and easy to install.

Easy. Faster. Better. 



Key Features:


Simple Installation: Quick and easy installation with plain water, eliminating the need for special processes or extensive preparation.

Moisture Resistance: Built to be installed without curling away or detaching from the glass.

Durability and Reliability: Our patent-pending adhesive technology guarantees that the film stays securely in place, providing continuous privacy without peeling or bubbling.

Transparency with Security: Maintain a clear and uninterrupted view from your screen while preventing unauthorized visibility from outside.



The Problems with other cloaking films:

The alternative cloaking films often come with a host of issues that our Quantum Cloaking Film addresses:

Complex Installation: Many films require special acclimatization, unusual techniques, tools, and multiple site visits, making the process cumbersome and time-consuming.

Moisture Sensitivity: Other films can easily curl or detach while installing. Film that won’t stick or stay stuck is the nightmare that no one wants.

Poor Adhesion: Inferior adhesives used in other films lead to peeling, and bubbling, reducing the aesthetics and quality of the installation. Our advanced adhesive technology ensures a secure and long-lasting bond.


Our film eliminates these common problems, ensuring a seamless, durable, and efficient solution for your privacy needs.


Quantum Cloaking: Installation Made Easy.


We spent the last two years developing a superior film that could be installed by anyone. Our Patent Pending film takes all the problems of cloaking film installation and makes them disappear.  Same results as the “big name” film, without crazy rules, multiple site visits, constant stress, frustration and time wasting babysitting film.


  • Measure. Cut. Unroll. Install.  Quantum Cloaking doesn’t need to be brought to the job site and “acclimatize”.
  • Spray glass. Place Film. Squeegee out.  Will not absorb moisture. No curling away, no detaching.
  • Install side by side same day. Our patent pending adhesive technology doesn’t react to overspray.
  • No more babysitting. Quantum Cloaking sticks and stays. 


Why We Created Quantum Cloaking

Three years ago, we installed the “big name” film for the first time. Almost two decades of architectural installation didn’t prepare us for what we next encountered. Film that wouldn’t stick. Film that curled away after a few minutes. One person squeegeeing, one person bumping out the film with a shop towel wrapped hard card. It was stressful, overly complex and difficult from beginning to end. Film detaching and curling away, dealing with multiple issues at the same time, we never wanted to touch it again. When customers started asking for it,  we realized this was a problem needing a better solution.

We spoke with other installers, our experience wasn’t unique. All asked for a film that was easier and faster to install and didn’t require all the time consuming steps and risk.

The idea for Quantum Cloaking Film was born and now it’s available to you.

Join us in leading a Cloaking Film Revolution

Step into a future where your clients’ dreams aren’t limited by glass and film, but are expanded by them. Join us and witness the transformation – of spaces, of partnerships, and of possibilities.

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