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Turn any piece of glass into Smart Glass with our easy to install premium quality smart film. Our PDLC smart film has a non chemical based adhesive allowing retrofit on to existing glass. We not only supply we also give complete instruction and support on how to install. Change the ordinary into the spectacular. 

Lucent’s adhesive smart films work identically to laminated smart glass without the high cost. It instantly switches from opaque to transparent for dynamic light control. Easily installed on existing windows, doors and glass partitions.

What is PDLC Film?

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film is a window film unlike any other. It’s a laminate film that when electricity is applied, changes from opaque to clear. PDLC film consists of liquid crystal droplets dispersed within a polymer matrix. This composition allows the film to change its optical properties in response to an applied electric field. Here are some key product features of PDLC film:

Key Features of Smart Film


Privacy Control

One of the primary applications of PDLC film is in privacy glass or smart windows. When no voltage is applied, the film appears opaque, providing privacy by obstructing the view from both sides. When an electric field is applied, the liquid crystal droplets align, making the film transparent.

Remote Control

Switchable Transparency

PDLC film offers switchable transparency, meaning it can transition from translucent or opaque to transparent and vice versa with the flip of a switch. This feature is useful in creating privacy in conference rooms, bathrooms, or as a projection screen.

UV Blocking

Light Control

PDLC film can control the amount of light passing through it, making it suitable for glare reduction and light modulation in architectural applications. It can also be used to create dynamic lighting effects.

Low Power Consumption

Energy Efficiency

By controlling the amount of sunlight entering a building, PDLC film can help reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, leading to energy savings and improved energy efficiency.


Customizable Sizes

Our film is custom fabricated in our workshop to your specific needs. We can provide almost any size or shape to match your glass requirements. 


Easy installation

Our video series on installation provides a complete “how to” and best-practices on every aspect of installation. From site assessment to measuring you can achieve the spectacular results we do.

Designed to Last


PDLC films are designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan for their applications.


easy to maintain

Unlike curtains and blinds, PDLC smart film doesn’t attract dust and airborne particulates. Our film is designed to stay clean and requires almost no maintenance. 


Variety of Applications

In addition to privacy glass and windows, PDLC film can be used in projection screens, retail displays, automotive sunroofs, skylights, and more.

Smart Film Specifications

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